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Conferences, Businesses and LEGO Organizations

dropcapBrickLink has hosted several conferences in an attempt to become acquainted with the major sellers and buyers on the website. The conversations have included news on upcoming improvements and major added features. Recently, BrickLink announced plans for a new digital designer software called "BrickLink Studio" which will be made freely available to all BrickLink users. We believe this software will be a "game changer" in the realm of MOC design and development.

At a number of these conferences, we've had the opportunity to add our own input and the chance to meet in person so many people we only knew on line for the past three years.

In our travels, we also try to visit various LEGO stores, organizations and groups where we can as we explain and emphasize the role BrickLink can play to enhance the natural partnership we share in a worldwide marketplace.

Here are a few reminiscences.

Mosaic of the City of PragueThis several-meter wide mosaic of the Prague skyline was completed by the LEGO group themselves and donated to the LEGO Museum in the heart of the city. The skyline includes Charles Bridge and the Hradcany Castle above the city.

p>Eliska and Larry at the new BrickLink Irvine Office 2019In August 2019 we visited the new greatly expanded BrickLink offices in Irvine, California. The expansion includes a huge warehouse to house the storage, assembly and distribution channels for the BrickLink AFOL Designer Program and the more than a dozen sets being marketed.


cologne conference

In April 2016, BrickLink CEO Jung-Ju "Jay" Kim hosted a conference in Cologne, Germany, with sellers from Germany, Holland, Belgium and France. Staff from the Irvine office presented a day of information regarding upcoming upgrades to the BrickLink website. The new LEGO MOC design software, BrickLink Studio, which will be made available free to all BrickLink members, also was unveiled at the one-day conference.


brickworld conference

In conjunction with Brickworld 2014, BrickLink staff sponsored a one-day conference of the website's biggest sellers who were in attendance. The conference was held outside of the convention center in downtown Chicago and involved a lot of listening to those present regarding what BrickLink could do to better serve their membership, both buyers and sellers. Subjects covered included upgrades to search engines and onsite payments, progress on catalog improvements, new store policies and affiliate programs.

irvine crew

Business Luncheon visit with the Irvine, Calif. BrickLink team. L-R, front, Eliska, Larry, Marvin Park, back L-R, Eunice Kim, Jaclyn Cowan, Paulina Nguyen.

las vegas lego

A New Year's Eve (2015) Visit to the Las Vegas LEGO store in Fashion Show Mall. (l-r) Rick, Aaron, Eliska and Larry.


Christchurch, New Zealand's 'Imagination Station'

eliska and kids


Visiting with Facilitator Evelyn Yeap.

Imagination Station 2017







four people


Our visit to Christchurch, New Zealand, included another stop at Imagination Station, an unofficial LEGO play lounge aimed at kids, that we first encountered last year. The city is making major strides in rebuilding after the devastating 2011 earthquake. (re)Construction cranes are seen everywhere along the city skyline.
Also of good news is the LEGO center located in the city’s central business district that is continuing to succeed and grow, having attracted more than 35,000 kids in 2015, its first year of operation. Hopefully they’ll be encouraging and attracting even more future AFOLs for years to come!


Legoland, Carlsabad, California

A visit to Legoland, Carlsbad, Calif., resulted in a load of green bricks to help Eliska put together her first replica of the BrickLink original home page. Folks at the park were great fans of BrickLink, and were happy to assist in the endeavor.








Prague in Season

Xmas card 2016The City's Old Town Square has been the subject of Christmas greeting messages for a number of years. No other place encapsulates the "reason for the season" like Prague.

Prague LEGO Museum

lego museum in pragueThe private LEGO museum in Prague was established in 2011.

museum staff

LEGO museum staff: Eliska, (left to right) Jan Vokolek and his assistants Petra and Jan.

wood LEGOEarly LEGO bricks were made of wood.

czech gopherThe Czech gopher or "Krtecek" is a national icon. It was carried into outer space by a Czech astronaut and is here rendered in LEGO.

eliska on bridge in pragueOn the bridge in Prague, Eliska with LEGO vignette of BrickLink Admin. Prague Castle in the background.

Portland, OR LEGO storeEliska visits the Portland, Oregon LEGO store.

Prague Airport MOC

Prague AP MOCA gigantic LEGO MOC of Prague's Vaclav Havel International Airport, in the departures lobby. (Photos above and below.)

Prague AP MOC

Star Trooper from LEGO in Las Vegas storeAn imposing LEGO brick Star Trooper greets customers at our favorite store in Las Vegas, in Fashion Show Mall. This is our go-to place for needed bricks and great friendships as well.

Legoland, Carlsbad, CA

Legoland, Carlsbad, California

Eliska with a haul from Legoland, Carlsbad.

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