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In some small way, we honor dan and his life by traveling to where he can no longer be and meeting friends he can no longer thank.

About Us, simply here for Dan

Us in LEGO bricks

Our reasons for establishing this tribute website are simple: We want to represent Dan wherever we go and we want to do what he unfortunately can no longer do. His last 10 years on this earth were driven with one goal and responsibility: and its thousands of users -- LEGO buyers and sellers -- who relied on it for their hobbies, their recreation, and many for their very livelihoods.

It was a heavy burden -- a happy one to be sure -- but a huge obligation and responsibility for Dan. He shouldered it all alone. One of the biggest surprises people have is that one man was responsible for all that was for a decade, from June 19, 2000 to September 24, 2010. To say he ate, slept and lived BrickLink would be an understatement. It was his life, until it ended.

Eliska Jezkova (Dan's mom) and I (Larry Hawthorne, Dan's stepdad) carried on after him for nearly three years. Eliska was devoted to continuing Dan's dream and protecting what he worked so hard to establish. It wasn't always easy. Unlike Dan, we needed help from outside consultants, part-time IT, and a team of volunteer administrators who were critical in helping us keep the lights on. Most on BrickLink did not even know Dan's name, but everyone knew who "Admin" was. After his passing, the Admin position was filled by more than one person, a feat that Dan was able to accomplish all by himself.

Like Dan, our days were filled with managing BrickLink. We had little time for anything else. As BrickLink continued growing, it was apparent to us that new resources were needed. Eventually, after nearly three years, we more than doubled the size and scope of the website and then handed over BrickLink to Jay Kim and his team with heavy stipulation and understanding of what BrickLink would become, moving into the future. We had worked too hard to secure BrickLink's future to not see it succeed beyond our time running the website. What has been preserved is the world's largest LEGO online marketplace. We are proud of that fact, and eternally grateful to those who helped us reach that goal.

What we do have now is time. And we are filling it with travels to spread the word about BrickLink and to pay tribute to the memory of Dan and his life and his life's dream, BrickLink. This website is about that, pure and simple.


Eliska and Larry at Brickrepublic
One of our visits was to this wonderful expansive private exhibit of hundreds of MOCs in, of all places, Prague. It's called Brickrepublic.

Admin walking in Prague

larry and eliska

     Eliska Jezkova and Larry Hawthorne

Over the past five years we've traveled the world keeping Dan's memory and legacy alive. We've been impressed by those who've come up to us and expressed personal, heart-felt gratitude for what Dan and BrickLink have meant to them in their lives. We've become continuing sponsors of BrickWorld (Chicago) and Brickvention, Melbourne, Australia. We take great pleasure in participating in the various charitable fund-raisers to help children through a number of organizations, including LEGO.

Our most recent "legacy visit" as we call them was to this year's BrickWorld in Chicago and we invite you to take a look at some truly incredible LEGO MOCs at this link:


Also, one of our outside interests for many years has been the production and marketing of a travel guide covering Munich. The Beer Drinker's Guide to Munich is now in its 7th edition and offers a field manual to those traveling to Munich who want to learn more about the city and its beer. It's now available on our other secure website:


graphic of badges

Badges, lanyards, ID cards and the like are a lasting and treasured remembrance of our journeys.

Magnified LEGO bricks


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