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Brickworld Chicago

dropcapBrickworld, Chicago (Schaumburg, IL) has been an annual visit for us for the past four years. Each year new and exciting displays are in attendance and a growing number of AFOLs and the general public of LEGO lovers comes out in droves. Scores of volunteers and coordinators to host five days of LEGO MOCs, games, contests and presentations for AFOLs and LEGO fanatics around the world.

We also participate in the Friday night Esther Walner Memorial Charity fundraiser and auction. The last two years Eliska's memorial MOC of the original BrickLink front page has been auctioned off to raise even more donations in the name of her son, Dan.

It is always a great time to meet so many AFOLs, almost all of whom, are regular members of BrickLink.

Here are some photos from previous Brickworlds, 2015-2013.



A popular train MOC at Brickworld 2014.

Eliska MOC

Bryan Bonahoom, organizer of Brickworld Chicago, holds Eliska's BrickLink Home Page Memorial MOC she displayed at Brickworld 2014. Earlier, it had been auctioned off for charity at the annual Friday night fundraiser.



One of the more expansive and colorful MOCs on display.





A lot of LEGO associated trinkets were available from attending sellers.


tower MOCA towering MOC was a popular display at Brickworld.

bat MOC at brickworld 2015

This build was an award winner at Brickworld 2015.







Chicago's Finest

we can do it

"We Can Do It!" and yes, they did in running an outstanding convention for AFOLs everywhere.


eric and us

We met up with Eric Smith (left) at the Brickworld convention in 2014. Eric had helped us tremendously over three years to keep running.

Eliska's Display

displayEliska displayed her memorial MOC along with several vignettes of BrickLink scenes.



A MOC with a future scene of a self-contained ecological friendly city.


Pride of Hogwarts

harry potterHarry Potter in bricks, Eliska in the flesh.


Monster MOC at Brickworld 2015
A monster splash of a MOC at Brickworld 2015.



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