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Brickworld 2017 succeeds in face of cloudy, wet skies


Brickworld 2017 braved a few cloudy skies and wet weather to attract another large contingent of professional and public Adult Fans of LEGO to the Schaumburg Renaissance Hotel Convention Center once again. Although the rainy weather influenced sheer numbers -- this year attracting a slightly down-sized crowd of about 10,000 -- it did nothing to dampen enthusiasm of Chicago-area waves of public visitors, exhibitors and vendors. The Friday night charity auction generated the best bottom line return ever, with about $28,000 raised for worthy children's causes and programs, many involving LEGO. The annual bid-war to secure a copy of Eliska's replica of the original homepage was won, again, by who added a $3,000 donation to the charitable total.

In the Expo Area, Eliska again displayed her original front page MOC and memorial to her son, Dan Jezek, who founded BrickLink in June 2000 and who died in 2010. For the first time at Brickworld she also had on exhibit the memorial mosaic that was presented to her earlier in the year, at Brickvention, in Melbourne, Australia. The mother-daughter duo of Dianne and Lauren Winbanks designed and built the mosaic in honor of Dan and all he did to promote AFOLs and LEGO during his life.


Jaclyn from BL and Larry and Eliska at display.Jaclyn Cowan of, with Eliska Jezkova and Larry Hawthorne at the display commemorating Dan Jezek, founder of BrickLink.


Castle in GermanyBurg Pfalzgrafenstein, Rhineland-Palatinate region of Germany is represented here in LEGO bricks.

Thank you to veteransA MOC in honor of veterans spans America's battles, from WWII to Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Vietnam memorial wallA Vietnam veteran looks on at a MOC of the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, DC. The names of 58,272 of the fallen are memorialized there on a permanent roll call of honor.

Bryan Bonahoom memorial MOCThis MOC was the personal creation of Bryan Bonahoom, Brickworld co-founder and organizer. It honors those now passed on, who made an impact on Brickworld during their lives. A few, like Daniel Jezek, never attended but had a major influence on those who did.

Ballpark"Octan Park" a fictitious baseball stadium adhere's closely in feature and design to actual stadiums in use today.

Grand Budapest HotelThe Grand Budapest Hotel starred in its own popular comedy motion picture and has spawned several spin-offs including this MOC designed and built in its honor.


Theater crowdReal bricks in the image of real people make up this cinema crowd.

World Trade Center






The World Trade Center may be gone, but it will live forever in LEGO bricks, as will the replacement World Trade Center Memorial, seen in the background. This cityscape competed for honors in the judging competition.







MOC of the USS Missouri

The USS Missouri, where the end of World War II was consummated with signing of an unconditional Japanese surrender, is reproduced in LEGO bricks.


Chinese Contingent LUGWe gathered for a photo with a group of Chinese mainlanders, their LUG visiting Brickworld for the first time.


City rail line"The Northern Illinois Railroad" is represented here with this MOC.

Brickworld minifigs 2017


Brickworld Minifigs 2017

Great Ball Contraption

Great Ball ContraptionWhat would Brickworld be without at least one Great Ball Contraption. This version was more than two football fields long and at one point kids were enlisted to propel the balls along their track.

Red Plate Sponsor

List of Brickworld sponsorsWe were honored once again to serve as a Red Plate sponsor for Brickworld 2017.

Bicycle made of bricksA very real-looking bicycle made of bricks.

Best creature winner is a bugThis creepy crawler won the prize for "best creature".

Cake that looks good enough to eatThe frosting on this MOC does look good enough to eat.

Brick of Thrones"Brick of Thrones" HBO would be proud.

Ferris wheelThe "River Wheel" MOC was a ride worth remembering.

green towerThis fantasy space station was marked by its impressive detail.

Christ in a LEGO mosaicA mosaic of Jesus Christ funded and sponsored by Benet Academy Campus Ministry.

Blue elephantThe welcoming committee for Brickworld 2017.

Concierge and EliskaA final salute to all who attended on the way out of the conference center.

BrickLink group at Brickworld 2017

The contingent unveiled new, beta software called Mosaick and demonstrated the way it creates ready-to-build mosaics with a simple digital photograph. It will generate a parts list as well. It's free and available now on L to R: Jaclyn, David, Sheryl, JY and Lincoln.


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